Wheels & Roses clothing co. was founded by a group of bike nuts in 2018. We´re into café-racers, scramblers, custom bikes, off-roaders, race bikes- just about anything with two wheels and a motor-not to forget classic cars, race cars, Rock n Roll, tatoos, skate and surf, adventure travel, everything that gets the pulse racing. Life´s about living, and living it with a passion.

Attitude is Key” is our motto as it is attitude that differentiates one from the other and we want to emphasise that  While skill and knowledge do add up, attitude multiplies!

W&R is dedicated to offering our commmunity the best quality product and the most personal service. We always try to show the greatest respect to our environment when it comes to choosing our garments bearing in mind the processes involved in their fabrication. We tried to use recycled materials and organic cotton as far as possible, opting for sustainable packaging  and ethical production policies are all basic obligations for us.

Ultimately, Wanrco is a Brand created by and for bikers, and in general for those who live life to the limit with  passion.

Wheels & Roses- W&R- Wanrco-WAR-WR

Markel Urrutia
CEO / Founder

Motorbike & sports lover, dreamer and tireless entrepreneur.

Iker Laskurain
CEO / Founder

V twin soul, free spirit and beauty seeker.

Iker Orobengoa

One man army: mechanics, rythm and powerfull soul….

Olatz Romeo
Customer Support

Calm, patient, attentive and always with a smile for everyone. The pearl of the crew.